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So, dear reader, what can you expect to see here? For your sake and mine, here’s a list of my works-in-progress. I’m planning on posting excerpts from these in future entries. If you’d like to see something sooner than later, just express your interest through the comments box below. I’m cool with that.

Fairies and Flappers: A Tony Lapierre Mystery (working title): It’s 1924 and lady detective Antoinette Lapierre has taken on her first major case, the search for a neighbor’s missing husband. The ne’er-do-well musician was last seen in Montreal, the international capital of jazz, booze, and reckless love. Tony thinks she’s got the edge because of a peculiar talent for talking with the dead. The city’s inhabitants will, to borrow a phrase from Al Jolson, let her know she ain’t seen nothing yet. (This novel is at the editing stage and I intend to submit it for publishing in 2013.)

Blue Rose gaming campaign: My long-suffering gaming buddies have been waiting for this one and I’ve got to deliver. This will be a game of romantic intrigue and fantasy based in Green Ronin’s world of Aldea. (And if my players are reading this, I’ll avoid plot spoilers, to your delight or dismay.)

The Golden Blade (working title): This is my cursed project: every time I’ve come near to finishing it, something disastrous has happened in my personal life. But no more! My plan for exorcising this curse is breaking down the story and reinventing it fresh. Right now, what exists of it is an erotic action novel of spy meets ninja in the world of industrial espionage. My reinvention plans include shifting the focus from a single protagonist (the aforementioned spy) to her team of unique experts, each with his or her own desires, secrets, and weapons of choice.

Lies in Advertising: A script for a black comedy that disappeared with a stolen laptop. (Yes, I’ve since improved my backup process. Lessons learned the hard way are learned best.) I’ve got the beginning because it was polished for a portfolio. How to describe it… An attempt at Angels in America by Woody Allen, perhaps. A con man seduces a closeted and nebbishy jingle writer to score a cheap room in New York City. But is the con as one-sided as it appears?

Of course, I’ll also post assorted completed pieces such as short stories and game scripts. They might not fit in anywhere, but much like those who dwell on the Island of Misfit Toys, there’s still some fun in their hearts.


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  1. I would love to read the Flappers and Fairies one since I remember you talking about it ages ago, when it was still in progress. I’d be delighted to read the whole manuscript if you want another set of eyes on it… maybe an exchange for when I get something finished. I could use a long-distance writing buddy to give me a push, and you know, help me metaphorically burn pages when I’ve written garbage.

  2. I like genre mixing, particularly anything with noir/flapper-jazz-age mixed in. There was a roleplaying game I saw come out at GenCon a few years back that mixed fairies and noir (called Fae Noir).

    If you’re the type that likes to read things in a similar vein to what you’re working on, you might check it out. If not…don’t click that link! 😉 I still haven’t decided which of those two types I am yet.

    • I might have heard of that… Actually, I’ve run it 🙂 I admire the originality and style of the game, but I had a different image of the fairy folk and their role in the 1920s. One fundamental difference, for example, is that the fae in Fae Noir are an integrated part of the human world, while in my novel the fada (as they call themselves) are quite unknown. At least, unknown outside the pages of fairy tales. I think you’ll also find that the antagonists are quite different in this version of the ’20s… but you’ll have to read more to find out!

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